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Helping Midlife Women Thrive 

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“Carrie has helped me understand and accept what is happening to my body. I’m now excited for this next chapter!”


I help women embrace their midlife by supporting health, nutrition, fitness and body image, enabling them to step into their power and live a life that they truly love.


Midlife, middle-age, the third age..however you prefer to describe it, is often a time of significant change and difficulty. Many of us find ourselves ‘fading into the background’ as the demands of work, kids and older parents take centre stage. And then come the physical changes. Our bodies and looks may change, leaving us feeling invisible, unseen and facing increasing health issues. Self esteem and confidence plummet. Sound familiar?


If so, you are who I help.


I will support you to take control of your health so that you can live a life that you truly love. One where good health affords you greater flexibility to do the things you love. One where a better body image means that you’re free from the shackles of diet culture after decades of worry. One where you feel seen. One where you truly embrace the privilege of ageing and the joy of life.


I know what it’s like to feel invisible. I also know what it’s like to come out the other side!

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Get in touch today to learn more about the ways in which I can support you.

Ensuring that my clients are fully supported is one of my biggest priorities. As such, I limit the number of women that I work with, on a one-to-one basis, at any one time. 

This means that you can be certain you have my full attention and I will:

  • Listen to your unique story and understand the challenges that you face

  • Help you to cut through the the noise and understand where to best focus your efforts

  • Support you every step of the way to implement behaviour change that makes a meaningful difference to your life

  • Be in your corner when challenges arise

  • Celebrate your successes and encourage you to step into your power

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“Carrie helped me cut through the noise and has given me a completely different perspective on healthy eating. She has helped me start to repair my relationship with food, with compassion, but without judgement.”

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“Thank you teaching me to understand and accept what is happening to my body during peri-menopause.

I now feel far more in control and I’m benefiting from the lifestyle changes you recommended. I’m ready and excited for this next chapter!”

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“You're amazing at what you do and I am thankful to you for introducing me to mindful eating and teaching me to understand portion sizes and control. What was different was that you understood everybody has different eating habits and busy lifestyles, and that we don’t need to deprive ourselves of any foods that we enjoy, nor do we need to make meals that take hours in the kitchen.” 

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