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I offer a range of services to suit the needs, goals and preferences of my clients and I invite you to join me for an initial complimentary discovery call, where we can talk about your experiences to date, your goals, and the various options moving forward.


This is an important opportunity for you to meet me (in person or via Zoom) and ensure that you think we will work well together.


If you would like to book in a call, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Holistic Nutrition Consultation
  • In depth consultation following completion of pre-consultation questionnaire. Includes full dietary analysis, personalised recommendations, follow-up report and personalised supplementation plan

  • Includes initial 90-minute consultation (in-person or Zoom meeting and 30-minute follow-up session after 6-8 weeks

Follow Up Consultation
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- In-person or Zoom meeting (up to 30 minutes) to review progress and amend recommendations accordingly

Nutrition Know How Session
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- Practical, solutions-based session (60 minutes) to focus on specific topics, such as meal planning, understanding food labels, plant-based eating, sports performance etc

Multi-Session Packages
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Holistic Nutrition Consultation +

2 follow-ups 


Holistic Nutrition Consultation +

4 follow-ups 

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